Take a look at our menu for our current offerings of delicious Veggie, Vegan and Gluten Free Pizzas and sides. We’re proud that nearly half of all the pizzas that we make are veggie or vegan, which offers, we hope, a great range of choice for everyone to enjoy.

Gluten Free?

If you don’t eat Gluten then we can cater for you. We make a number of gluten-free pizza bases every day so that you can eat gluten free. If you are particularly sensitive to gluten please let us know so that we can clean and prepare our kitchen space for you in advance.

We also have a couple of popular gluten-free beers in bottles as well – particularly popular is a local gluten-free Ale from the Allendale Brewery and a Golden from the well-established national gluten-free brewery Greens.

If you have any other kinds of allergies that we need to know about please inform the bar staff.